Are you a creative thinker with big (or small) ideas? Are you looking to turn those ideas into more creative abundance?

Enjoying a life that is both creative and profitable is possible, and closer than you think! The Creative Prosperity Playdeck was created to inspire and nurture your strengths while helping you to identify and overcome your obstacles on the road to a rich and rewarding creative life. The uses of the deck are endless. 

Use the deck to:

  • Start your day with focus and inspiration
  • Get yourself back on track on an important project
  • Ignite interesting dinnertime conversation with your family
  • Jumpstart your artist's association meeting
  • Gift your bookclub

About the Creators

Melissa McFarlane

As the founder of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, Melissa has a 20-year track record for producing dramatic results for her clients in the arena of personal life and business strategy. Melissa demonstrates an uncanny, intuitive genius for removing barriers and cutting through the personal and organizational chaos plaguing most creatives mavericks, so that real emotional, mental and practical breakthroughs are possible, and a satisfying creative career and life can be attained.

Melissa’s clients include producers, directors, writers, niche lawyers, speakers, artists, trainers, creative types, CEOs, owners of inventive small businesses, and other breakout coaches, as well as growth-oriented companies including The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, Cookie Jar Co., State Farm Insurance, Taco Bell, Mary Kay International, and venture companies supporting new businesses.

Melissa has appeared multiple times on TV as a guest expert, including on the “Berman and Berman Show,” and the hit national reality show, “Faking It,” and is a sought after speaker with a wide range of career and personal enhancement topics on which she presents. She has spoken at many companies and conferences, including the esteemed Women’s International Networking conference, at which she was twice a featured speaker and presenter (Milan, Italy, & Lausanne, Switzerland). 

Melissa and her company are based in Burbank, California, where she resides with her delicious and maddeningly independent teenage children, and a few additional stray loved ones at any given time.

To learn more about Melissa’s work, visit her at

Allyson Rice 

Allyson Rice is the Owner/Artist at Allyson Wonderland. After spending the last decade running personal growth retreats through her business The Total Human, she put the retreats on hiatus to focus on her own creative work: jewelry-making, creating the drawings for her line of women’s coloring books, writing, and creating handmade holiday items (a family tradition started by her late grandmother Libby Rice).

Allyson Wonderland was created to be a central location for all of the creative work. Prior to founding The Total Human, Allyson spent many years on stage and TV as an actress/dancer/singer in NYC and Los Angeles, after graduating from Northwestern University. Most well-known role was 7 years as Connor Walsh on “As The World Turns”. Prior to that, Allyson had a paper route when she was 12. 

Allyson now lives in Los Angeles, where in her spare time she dances and DJs blues dancing events. If her knees hold up, roller derby could be next… we’ll see. In the meantime, she continues to cover everything in sight with Christmas lights year-round, because you can’t stop her. You’re not the boss of her.

To learn more about Allyson’s work, visit her at


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